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😎 The Advice I Give Vs The Ones I Follow 😭

Oh come on! We have all been there. Telling our friends to buck up while we are in a complete self invited mess ourself. 😉

In Memory Of Ex- boyfriend 💞

Those unicorns and butterflies are now bugs and roaches- to the world, but on the inside don’t we have those sudden pangs of memories to deal with!

They say I am a dreamer… Lalalala

What? We do have our diva moments- several times a day.👑 💅

Ssshhhh…Nothing is impossible is a lie

Whom are we even kidding? Ourselves, off course!

Fierce is the new cute

Only in theory, I assume.

Ain’t we all beautiful?

Except the ever dwindling concept of beauty! 🤷

I got no fears….

…. Just a diversion from occasional whims🙄
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The Travel Tale: Solo vs With Family 😎🤗

Traveling always brings out the unexplored tales whether you travel all by yourself or with the entire family. Here is a summary of that experience!🌸

The artist life is poles apart. *shrugs*

The battle of getting everyone in one frame!

Gotta fill that bag!!!
Battle between pocket and choices🤷💆💇
Am I even allowed to be in the picture?!!!🤦
The two aspects of my own self 🤷
Choose your tools wisely 😉
Yeah! Their perception changes🙄
Each night has it’s own tale😅
To love and to be loved…. Takes a real toll🤗
Barely managing vs the love and comfort🌸

A table for two- RESERVED. A best friend to be there forever- CHECK. Towards the end of the vacation while I was waiting for my best friend at the table we had reserved reminiscence didn’t allow me to think of time as a crawling snob but it sure left me with these doodles on the white tissues lying in front of me. If I had to epitomize those twenty days and still be lazy… I think this would be it.

  • Meeting the best friend and finally spending time with her and luckily not just on the video calls *smiles calmly*.2017-01-10-20-07-15-010
  • A brother– Telling him every specific and vague detail of how things are… and asking him questions just to make sure that he was paying attention!


  • Time to turn unfinished plans into actions! Something I wait for… but allow them to be the same people (If they were to be personified).


  • Weirdest Hobbies– Yes! give time to each one.


  • Fight with mom- every single time :(.


  • The cousins- they come in different shapes, size and age.


  • Sneaking out of house to meet friends and being scolded because I can never get back in time. And yeah! caught for the 100th time.


  • Want/need a puff? It’s a long journey.


  • Dad’s gardening tutorials *yawns but in love with the idea of him working for his hobby*.


  • Mom’s forced cooking lessons. Still I got nothing!


  • Food! Never been this rich before. *continues to fall in love with mom*.


  • Watching serials with grandparents. Yes! the shows still are pathetic but placing bets with nanaji and watching nani sympathize is my kind of fun.


  • Where there is home, there is always an internet connection!


  • We decide to hang out at all the different places in the world but Connaught Place is where we stop by at least once… other places are visited as well.


  • The ice creams in refrigerator after a fight with dad- best treat ever!


  • Shamelessly escaping work. No guilt required!


  • Visiting places and babbling about my stories and stupid stuff.


  • And finally- the hardest goodbyes.


P.S.: The next time I say my vacation was boring you might shoot me in the head ;).

A thing or two about vacation ;)