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The Curse Of Songs From Old Lovers

Through years of learning and madmen humming
I grew up listening to music that was a bliss,
With years of taste and daunting intellect
I felt the force of tunes could bind people together-
Sometimes in name of attraction, mostly claiming it to be a forever.

With years of experience and a few heartbreaks- a little over one or two
I was entrapped in realisations of lyrics being cursed
Not the rhythm, or the melody
Sheer words sent by a lover-
Deciphered as his eternal feelings
Too late to be reciprocated only to learn that eternity here was short lived.

Oh! That one song from him
And the another from one before
They speak of clear intentions-
A baritone saying My Love Will Never Die
And the one was it righteously named Ruin My Life?
Alas! these and Johnny Cash smugly sitting in a candidly curated playlist
Reminding me of lovers from past
A few more minutes of shattering a heart-
And hours and may be days of reliving the moments of chaos that follows a severe loss.

From one playlist, the songs might seep and merge into others
May be I’ll become numb to these tunes
May be I’ll sing the words out loud like they were my own jam
But I’ll not erase the face that appears before my eyes-
Only learn to silently smile as if the torments were tamed.



I don't create content. I pour my soul.

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